Are You Ready to Live a Life Less Stressed?


The Symptoms.

Life in the world today is hard. Our bodies and minds are under constant assault. The truth is, the attacks come from inside AND out. Are you suffering from any of the following?

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • inflammation

  • chronic pain

  • cardiovascular disease

  • loneliness

  • divorce/infidelity

  • addiction

  • suicidal thoughts

  • financial concerns

  • feeling stuck or overwhelmed

  • consistently feeling looked over/mistreated

  • not sleeping well

  • needing validation from others to feel "ok"

  • feeling generally like you are "never enough"

  • perfectionism/type A

  • procrastination/lateness

  • people-pleasing

  • fear of people/social situations

  • Constant stress at work

  • Never feeling "good enough"

  • any other feeling of discontent with yourself/your life?

The Disease.

The 3 biggest offenders leading to the above symptoms are:

1. Chronic Stress

2. Stuck Emotions

3. Outdated Coping Mechanisms 

The endgame of each of these is basically a state of chronic or "habituated" stress.  So, what is stress? It is a set of predictable physical symptoms caused by an inner mental or emotional experience. 

Basically, your own inner thoughts or feelings trip your "fight or flight," or survival response. This is NOT YOUR FAULT.  The real problem is, no one ever told you how to process thoughts, emotions, and stress in a healthy way.


While we often associate our stress with people, tasks, responsibilities, health issues, finances, or the many forces at play in our lives, the truth is, it is the thoughts and feelings generated within us about these things that creates the state of stress

And this is good news! Why?

Because, this is much easier to address. So, how do we do that?  


The Prescription

For the vast majority of people with one or more of the above symptoms, relief is possible, and it can happen quickly. What is required is

1. A willingness to see your problem for what it really is;

2. A proven path to relief;

3. A guide who knows how to take you there.

The misconception is that you have to spend years and dig through all of the deep dark pieces of your past to get relief.  This is simply not true.  There is a much quicker, simpler way.


When you understand how this works and see it for yourself, your stress level will diminish greatly, and you will feel much more calm and confident in your own skin.  I've even had several who have come completely off of anxiety, depression, pain, blood pressure, thyroid, and sleep medications (among others) in literally weeks using this approach.  

The only question you need to answer is:

Are you ready to be free?

The Doctor

Dr. Pete Buecker

Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to be a doctor.  I worked hard, stayed determined and achieved that dream.  After 12 years in practice, however, something magical happened.

Having taken off on a significant journey of discovery and picking up the pieces of my own broken life, I started noticing the real issues under the symptoms of many of my patients. 


Feeling ill-equipped to really offer what I saw so many people needing, and refusing to simply let them fall through the cracks, I sought further training.

Since 2012, I have helped many people free themselves from anxiety, depression, chronic stress, fibromyalgia, pain medication, relationship difficulties, codependence, perfectionism, phobias, and early life trauma.  I have also assisted several in navigating cancer journeys, medical phobias, divorce, career transition, and professional burnout, to name a few. 

Finally, I get to do the healing work I feel I was born to do. I am super excited that you are here! 

What to Do Now


There are a few ways to get a jump on taking your life back.  Simply, look at the options, and pick the one that makes the most sense.

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